In this edition we share a look at how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted rural news outlets. It’s a story that hits everyone at The Other Oregon and EO Media Group close to home. Read more

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Nella Mae Parks is a young farmer, wife and mother from Union County. She does a little writing when she’s not busy running her farm, homeschooling, building a house and doing volunteer work. Read more

    The wildfires burning through Oregon’s forests this month have already devastated many communities, and will be burning for weeks to come. As of this writing in mid-September, the largest fires — Riverside, Beachie Creek, Lionshead, Archie Creek and Holiday Farm — are only partially containe… Read more

    The economists, ivy tower types and, ahem, journalists, who think about this sort of thing refer to the potential phenomenon of a “pandemic migration” resulting in “Zoom towns.” Read more

      It's safe to say that all Oregonians are living in a different space than they were just a few months ago. Read more

      On social media this spring, a Willamette Valley farmer noted one of the few upsides of the COVID-19 outbreak: Traffic dropped dramatically, by 40 percent in some cases, as school, job, retail and recreational closures took hold and people stayed home. Read more

      The Thursday lunch menu at the John Day Senior Center earlier this spring called for meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and vegetables. With birthday cake donated by the local funeral home in case anyone might be celebrating that month. Read more

      When we first started working on The Other Oregon nearly two years ago our goal was to bridge the urban-rural divide. Read more

      Two years ago I was covering an ag technology conference in Pendleton and was surprised to run into the publisher of Willamette Week, the Portland alternative paper. WW wouldn’t normally be considered an ally of conventional agriculture, but the publisher was there with eyes open, and I was … Read more

      Athena, Ore., is the largest gathering of humans I’ve lived with in the last 50 years. By most measurements it is a small town. Read more

      At age 18, the imagined made-for-TV movie of my life features a whip-smart young woman leaving her podunk, backwards town to get educated and completely change the world. Read more