The Thursday lunch menu at the John Day Senior Center earlier this spring called for meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and vegetables. With birthday cake donated by the local funeral home in case anyone might be celebrating that month. Read more

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When we first started working on The Other Oregon nearly two years ago our goal was to bridge the urban-rural divide. Read more

    This magazine about rural Oregon is so exciting because it is relating the many things that are happening and showing that our agricultural area is doing a lot for growing crops in better ways that preserve our environment. I think that the many businesses that inhabit our rural Oregon are h… Read more

      A year has passed since the first issue of The Other Oregon was published. We’ve enjoyed hearing from people all over the state about how this magazine is a much-needed publication to help bridge the urban-rural divide, which is gratifying since that is our primary mission. Read more

      Two years ago I was covering an ag technology conference in Pendleton and was surprised to run into the publisher of Willamette Week, the Portland alternative paper. WW wouldn’t normally be considered an ally of conventional agriculture, but the publisher was there with eyes open, and I was … Read more

      Athena, Ore., is the largest gathering of humans I’ve lived with in the last 50 years. By most measurements it is a small town. Read more

      I‘m not a native Oregonian. I came to Salem 10 years ago from Illinois to work at the Capital Press, a newspaper that covers agriculture and natural resource issues in the Pacific Northwest. Read more

      At age 18, the imagined made-for-TV movie of my life features a whip-smart young woman leaving her podunk, backwards town to get educated and completely change the world. Read more