Why advertise with us? The Other Oregon is a high-quality magazine that offers a unique audience of readers who hold political and economic power in the state. 

TOO magazine is distributed in print by mail to 5,000 key decision makers in Oregon each quarter: • Oregon’s U.S. Congressional delegation • State legislators and heads of state agencies • County commissioners and judges • Mayors and city managers • Leaders of chambers and economic development groups • Major foundations • Leaders of colleges and universities • Media organizations • Leaders of large businesses in metro areas • Others by request



Ad Size4 Issues2 IssuesOpen RateSizeBleed Size
Full Page$1,850$1,975$2,1258.375” x 10.875”8.875” x 11.375”
Half page horizontal$975$1,050$1,1257.625″ x 4.917″ 
Half page vertical$975$1,050$1,1253.729″ x 10″ 
Quarter page$500$535$5753.729″ x 4.917″ 
Premium positions:
Doubletruck$3,900$4,150$4,45016.75” x 10.875”17.25″ x 11.375″
Back cover$2,200$2,325$2,4758.375” x 10.875”8.875” x 11.375”
Inside front$2,125$2,250$2,4008.375” x 10.875”8.875” x 11.375”
Inside back$2,075$2,200$2,3508.375” x 10.875”8.875” x 11.375”

Non-profit discount = 15%

Spring 2021 
Reservation Deadline: Feb. 19 
Ad Copy Deadline: Feb. 26
Ad Approval Deadline: Mar. 12 
Publication Date: Mar. 26

Fall 2021
Space Reservation Deadline: Aug. 20
Ad Copy Deadline: Aug 27
Ad Approval Deadline: Sept. 10 
Publication Date: Sept. 24

Summer 2021 
Reservation Deadline: May 21 
Ad Copy Deadline: May 28
Ad Approval Deadline: Jun. 11
Publication Date: Jun. 25

Winter 2021 
Reservation Deadline: Nov. 19 
Ad Copy Deadline: Nov.26
Ad Approval Deadline: Dec. 10
Publication Date: Dec. 24